“The mission of the CT Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps is to provide a competitive platform on which members can build successful, healthy lifestyles through music and performance, and to promote artistic excellence. Emphasis is placed on development of self-esteem, self-motivation and self-reliance. It encourages team work, sportsmanship, civic pride and contributions of one’s personal best to a group effort, geared toward individual achievement of common goals. It is an education designed to help members become the best they can be. It can be the education of a lifetime!”


The Connecticut Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps, Inc. of Seymour, Connecticut is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote arts education in a collaborative effort with Public Schools, Boy & Girls Clubs, Valley YMCA, Colleges and Universities. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lower Naugatuck Valley, Valley YMCA and Ansonia High School have partnered with the Hurricanes in a Community Outreach summer Music and Marching Program. The Corps provides musical and visual arts education to all members through their participation in performance on wind and percussion instruments, as well as, the use of equipment, props and color to augment musical selections. The Hurricanes’ program places emphasis on a variety of musical styles, which give the membership the opportunity to correlate a sense of rhythm with physical coordination. The activity enables the participants to display their learned musical and choreographic skills in entertainment at competitions, sports offerings, parades, winter guard and other civic affairs. The disciplines of music and choreography are displayed through uniformity of dress, conduct, teamwork, and self control.

Musicality, technique, emotion, phrasing, and the ability to analyze form, and to play and interpret different styles of music are a few areas addressed during preparation for performance. The activity affords opportunity for self realization in an environment favorable to artistic creation and experience.

Through the live audience performance medium the development of each member’s poise and self-control will enhance their future professional growth capabilities. Through this medium it is also hoped that new opportunities for performance to a wider audience will evolve. This wider audience may also increase awareness of the activity and present opportunities for increased membership from this expanded audience.

It is the intent of the Hurricanes to provide the members with life changing experiences, educationally and socially, which help each individual member gain real world life skills, musical training and performance experiences. Through the development of the character traits of dedication, discipline and teamwork, each member of this close knit fraternity learns what is required to be successful on and off the performance field. Participation in the Hurricanes Outreach program instills confidence, quality of character and a strong work ethic that is desirable in the real world workplace.

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