Our Legacy…


Today’s Hurricanes are indeed blessed with a rich heritage…a heritage defined through the decades by chemistry, continuity, vision, confidence, hard work, commitment, dedication and most importantly…remaining true to their mission! These are the intangibles the Connecticut Hurricanes inherently embrace. As they prepare for this upcoming campaign, as well as many more seasons to follow, it is their steadfast adherence to these values that will serve to sustain their integrity and their elite status as one of the finest All Age Drum & Bugle Corps in the World! 

 The Connecticut Hurricanes are often announced as “The Pride of Connecticut”…and they are just that! The founding fathers of 1932 could never have envisioned that what they had started as a neighborhood drum corps would one day become a world class organization, running amongst the finest drum corps on the planet.  They would certainly be proud of the many years of success that have been realized, but proud not just of the successes… also proud of the mediocre seasons…as they served to strengthen the Hurricanes resolve to strive for excellence…and perhaps more poignant, even through years of disappointment…when, like a prize fighter, showing true character…picking themselves up off the mat, refusing to be broken, determined to survive and never giving in…they would be proud!  The Hurricanes are indeed survivors. Every one of the hundreds of people who have manned the ranks owns a share of the legacy. The organization has enjoyed wonderful periods of success, and has also overcome some challenging times. As they enter their 85th year, the Hurricanes reign as the oldest, continually operating corps in the DCA. The tenacity of the Hurricanes emotes from the people…each and every one, a fiber of the fabric, advancing the perpetuation of tradition and fellowship. These many hundreds of people who have stood in “the long green line” also share a common bond i.e. the thrill of competition, the lasting friendships and the wonderful memories that will stay with them always…all steeped with pride!
“The Hurricanes…The Hurricanes…Walk Proud and Think of Thunder!”  


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