Thomas A. Gabianelli


  Tom “Gabby” Gabianelli is a natural born Hurricane. His father, also known as “Gabby”, first joined the Corps in 1940, so as one would presume, some of his earliest memories were centered on drum corps. Gabby’s early interest drew him to become a drummer, which he began learning through participation in the Seymour Middle School band program. In 1963 he joined the Oxford Explorers and for two years honed his drumming under the tutelage of Jim Dugan Sr., and in 1965 he moved to the Connecticut Royal Lancers were he began a long association with Hall of Fame instructor Ray Luedee. Tom made the jump to the Hurricanes in 1966. Shortly thereafter his Hurc career was put on hold by a four year hitch in the US Navy. Upon discharge, he returned to the Corps and drummed in those fabulous Luedee lines of the 70’s for six years, through 1976.

  In 1977 Tom returned to a Corps in transition, assuming a duel role as business manager as well as assistant director and was instrumental in formulating a re-building plan. He became Director for 1978 and remained on the Board of Directors through 1983. Tom returned to the Corps in 2000 playing pit percussion and in 2003-2004 he played in the horn line. He was named “Hurricane of the Year” for 2004. In 2003, Gabby again returned to the Board table and was elevated to Chairman of the Hurricanes Board beginning in 2005.  He immediately got to work in and undertook a course that, in his vision, would return the Hurricanes to a place of prominence in the drum corps world. By 2007 the Corps had been outfitted with new drums and pit equipment, new horns and new uniforms. His revamping of the organization, from top to bottom, poised the Corps for success well into the future and beyond.

  With the conclusion of 2011 Gabby stepped down as Chairman of the Board of Directors, though he still remains a member of the advisory board. His contributions towards the betterment of the Hurricanes now spans six decades. In recognition of  his dedicated efforts Gabby received a "Lifetime Achievement" award from the Hurricanes in 2019 and has been inducted into the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame as an associate member.



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