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The Connecticut Hurricanes  all age Drum and Bugle Corps, a marching musical organization, with roots tracing to 1932, has flourished in the competitive arena since its inception. The Hurricanes  Hall of Fame was established in 1994 to honor their treasured members who have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment, dedication and achievement to the betterment of the Hurricanes as well as to the marching arts community. The Hurricanes  Hall of Fame is dedicated to archiving the history of some of the best known and influential members, instructors, creative minds as well as tireless leaders who have, in some major way, shaped, defined and perpetuated the high level of achievement and notoriety the Hurricanes  have enjoyed for many decades.


                             Members of the Connecticut Hurricanes  Hall of Fame


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Ashelford       Banks*       Biancarelli*         Bodnar         Bottillo         Bradley        Brady         Burel*         Burns       Cataudella

Clark       ​Condon* & Woods*    Curren, B*      Curran, J       Daniels        DeFrancesco*      DeSantis       Dion       Dugan*     

Duquette*      ​Fallon        Findley       Fisher        Flowers       Friend        Furman      Gabianelli        Gangi       Genero*      

Glovna*     Glynn*    Golder        Gore*         Greenhalgh        Hlywa        Hunter       Imperato*      Juliano       Kelly        King       

Knox       Kogut      Kulinski       Luedee*     MacLennan*      Malesky       Maloney      Mastroianni        Mayer      Mosciarello 

Moynihan        Nicholson        Notaro*        Ogle*       Olderman*       Oravez      Palumbo       Propfe      Ratford*       Reed  

Reidy*        Richmond       Scarpa*        Smith, N       Smith, R *     Staffieri, D.A.     Staffieri, D.M.       Tardie         Tomlinson*         

Vargo         Vizzo        Wilcox        Yagovane*       Yankowich*     Yelinek        Younkin  


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