Chapter 2   

The 1940's       

  Everyone who knows even a little history knows that 1941 brought about America’s involvement into World War II. All across America people did what they had to……the war effort was paramount. Many guys naturally heeded their country’s call to duty and left for the military. With membership depleted during the war years, it was left to the older members to sustain the Corps and promote patriotism on the home front while the younger guys served their country, but in 1946 members like George Biancarelli, Ted Yagovane and Frank Gabianelli returned from the service, and were soon joined by a new generation of youth such as Ed Condon, Ed McGarry, Jerry Moscarielli, Bob Woods, Jim Duplese, Frank Ogle, Lou Mattei, Bucky Welch and many more... life was good again,  and the Collins Post Drum Corps was thriving!


Throughout the decade the Corps did what they did best...performed and had fun doing it, but after the war an exciting activity was rapidly expanding, and taking hold…..field competitions for drum & bugle corps, and it didn't go unnoticed! The rising popularity of field competition was new and exciting for the Collins Post boys. They had witnessed the power and excitement generated by big corps such as The Reilly Raiders, The Archer Epler Musketeers, The Hawthorne Caballeros, the New York Skyliners, and of course from a short distance down the river in Stratford, The Connecticut Yankees. These Corps were the best of the best and the Collins Post Drum Corps naturally wanted to expand and become part of it. The transformation didn’t come fast enough for some and too soon for others, although it eventually did come! In 1949 the word Fife was officially dropped from the name, and by the end of 1954, all the fifes were gone. The new focus, that would become reality in the year of 1955 was to train the Corps for field competition…and they embraced the challenge!

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